Resources and Bibliography

The following is a list of resources related to this project, including historical information as well as technical resources used in building the app. I have used many of these in researching and creating the project, and have included additional ones that may be helpful for those wanting to explore more about hadith and the lives of female Muslim scholars.


  • Mohammad Akram Nadwi, Al-Muḥaddithāt: The Women Scholars of Islam (Interface Publications: 2013).
  • Nuriddeen Knight, 40 Hadith of ‘Aishah (2017).
  • Jonathan A.C. Brown. Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenges and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet’s Legacy. (Oneworld Publications: 2015).



  • an online database of hadith scholars
  • an online database of hadiths, companion website to
  • an online resource for hadiths and hadith collections, in English, Arabic, and Urdu.
    • A good starting point for beginners wanting to learn hadiths may be “The 40 Hadiths of Imam an-Nawawi,” found on this page.
  • an collection of hadiths, scholarly interpretations of hadiths, and articles on hadiths written by contemporary Muslim scholars
  • an online collection of hadiths and hadith scholars

Podcasts, Videos, Lectures


  • Graphspace: this was used to turn the datasets into graphs and to position the nodes and edges so that they’re readable.
  • GitHub: used for storing code and data files. GitHub Pages was used for hosting the app.
  • WordPress: used to create this site
  • Cytoscape.js: A JavaScript library used to build the app that displays the graph, which includes functions such as searching and highlighting nodes. Initially, I used one of their demos as the basis of my app, then forked it from the demo’s GitHub repository to customize it.
  • Miriam Posner, “Network Analysis,”, 2019.
    • Tutorial on creating and publishing network graphs using Cytoscape.js.

All of the data and code for this project is open source under the MIT License, and can be found at the project’s GitHub organization. This repo contains the data files. This repo contains the source code for the app.